Engineer: My colleagues make me better every day

Engineer: My colleagues make me better every day

Martin Springer is an engineer specializing in electronics from DTU and joined Cirkom a year and a half ago. It’s not a decision Martin has ever regretted.

“Cirkom is a small automation and process company with a high professional level, not least in terms of documentation. Everything must be tested and approved, there are no corners that escape. This means that everything is lifted to a higher level, including the corner of the service I’m in charge of,” says Martin.

Cirkom is an engineering house with roots in the pharmaceutical industry and specializes in process automation solutions, and it’s not without a certain professional pride that Martin says about his job:

“We provide the code for SCADA systems and process plant control for the pharmaceutical industry, and I specifically do the graphical coding for the user interfaces. There are few other places where the tolerances are so small and the documentation requirements so high.”

Process plant control and monitoring

A SCADA system is a control system used to control, regulate and monitor a process plant, production facility or similar. SCADA exchanges information across PLCs, computers, servers and HMI panels, creating a real-time overview of the operational situation. It requires processes and documentation performed at a very high level of precision.

Engineers and programmers are getting better every day

Cirkom represents a deep knowledge of equipment and processes because most employees come from automation and manufacturing companies. The skills and experience of employees, which can only be acquired through good training and hard work, are crucial to the success of your business.

“One of the things I really appreciate is the opportunity to constantly build on my skills,” says Martin.

“It’s a good place if you can rest assured that things need to be tested and in order before they reach the customer. Not every time, but every time. This is not the same as not making mistakes. You can, as long as you learn from it and make sure it’s caught before it reaches the customer. That’s why we accept that sometimes things take a little longer.”

Curious about processes and automation

When Martin started at Cirkom, he was quickly allowed to create something that would actually be used by customers. It wasn’t because he knew everything from the start, but because training is an integral part of working at Cirkom.

“My colleagues are all very professionally competent and there is so much experience at Cirkom that there is always someone to ask questions and spar with. No one thinks it’s stupid or embarrassing, because the most important thing is that it’s the best solution delivered. And that’s only if we’re all getting better all the time,” says Martin, who can think of one instance where the question didn’t quite reflect his professionalism.

“Cirkom is not a place where you just come in and get started. The academic level is really high and there are many things to learn. All the abbreviations for example. There are just so many to keep track of. One time while we were talking, another new abbreviation popped up that I didn’t know and had to ask about.

“What does DHL mean?” And then it was just the transportation company they were talking about. Most people remember that one…”

Geeky engineers with a desire to do more than work

Martin lives in Smørum outside Copenhagen with Emilie, and together they have four-year-old daughter Inger. But that doesn’t mean it’s not nice to have good colleagues you occasionally want to see outside of working hours.

“The whole environment out here is a little bit nerdy in a good way,” says Martin, adding: “There’s still room for more than just work. We have a good time and regularly go to the movies together. And we live in beautiful surroundings by Roskilde Fjord, with a view of the water and animals running around outside the windows. You can get used to that…”.

A job with influence and well-being

One of the things Martin appreciates about being in a smaller place is the short path to decisions.

“People are listened to if they have something on their mind, and once the decision is made, there’s no need to ask an extra manager,” says Martin, adding: “Cirkom is a place where people stay for a long time. There is almost no turnover. In fact, there are a few who have left and then returned. I can understand that.”

About Cirkom

Cirkom is an engineering house founded in 2000 by a group of engineers with roots in the pharmaceutical industry. Cirkom is an independent provider of automation solutions for process automation.

We know that success requires business acumen, project management experience and technical know-how, and we value all elements in the way we work.

Cirkom is an innovative and growing company and we are constantly looking for experienced people with knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.

If you would like to learn more about working with automation solutions at Cirkom, please contact CEO Kurt Christensen or Managing Director Martin Madsen.

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